About us

I. Welcome to Bulkov-Impex’s official webpage!

Here you will find useful information about our main activities – production of wrought iron, including the technology, the diversity, as well as the quality of our products.family

II. “Bulkov-Impex” is among the fastest developing companies in Bulgaria in the spheres of wrought iron production and trade, as well as other metal products. As an established family tradition in the wrought iron industry, dating as far back as the year 1915, the company “Bulkov-Impex” is the successor of “Ilion” LTD and the company “Dzhezairlyan”.

“Bulkov-Impex” strictly follows its goals and market tendencies, established throughout the years. Therefore “Bulkov-Impex” has at its disposal:

  • Big production capacity (see here)
  • Well trained, qualified and young personnel
  • Extremely well organized channels for distribution
  • Modern trade policy
  • Short delivery times

As a main manufacturer, “Bulkov-Impex” offers a rich variety of wrought iron elements, rims and profiles.

The product portfolio of “Bulkov-Impex” includes finishedproducts as well such as:

  • Portals
  • Fences
  • Railings
  • Doors
  • Bars
  • Furniture

“Bulkov-Impex” offers You production of wrought iron elements and complete metal solutions in accordance to individual projects.

The wide range of products and the unceasing store availability allow the respective demand to be satisfied.